When do I need to place a cake order?

We require minimum 3 days notice for all cake orders.

What is the cancellation policy for cake orders?

We understand that life can be unpredictable, but please keep in mind that our cakes are made to order.

Due to this, we kindly request that cancellations be made in advance, and please be aware that changes or refunds are not possible within 72 hours of the scheduled pick-up date.

How can I choose my cake's pickup date and time, and do you offer delivery services?

You can select the pickup date and time on the checkout page. Delivery is not available.

How should I feed the cake?

We do not recommend an entire birthday cake for one dog. The cakes are great for sharing with their furry friends.

Additionally, we provide feeding instructions with every order to ensure proper portioning.

What is the recommended storage duration for the cakes?

To keep your cake at its freshest, simply store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days or in the freezer for up to 15 days.

We recommend not refreezing a cake once it has been thawed.

Please note that because we use natural ingredients, there may be some smudging or cracks, so we recommend having your party on the pickup day for the best experience.